Friday, May 23, 2014

Connectivity and Food Safety

The concept of “connectivity” and taking a whole systems approach to matters concerning food safety. 

In the following study of water usage conducted by the California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply (CRWFS), the concept of taking a whole systems approach to tackle an issue is examined. CAFF's policy director, Dave Runsten, is a member of CRWFS and brings the connectivity approach in to all of CAFF's policy work. Connectivity is a concept that can be applied when many parts of a system need to work together to overcome a roadblock. Matters of food safety concern the government, consumers, and food producers and must be dealt with efficiently and effectively. As seen with the latest Food Safety Modernization Act, there is a great need for food safety regulations that protect both the consumer and the farmer. Moving forward, it is important for us to look at food safety issues holistically.

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